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One of the Leading Medical Transcription Companies – Divine Mercy Transcription

Medical transcription, more popularly referred to as MT in the medical industry, is a healthcare profession that essentially comprises furnishing a bouquet of associated medical services related to transcribing voice-recorded medical reports of patients. The core process of medical transcription entails listening to audio dictations of emergency and operation room visits, patient consultations and check-ups, analytical imaging studies, office visits, and chart reviews by healthcare practitioners and typing them into textual formats.


Medical transcription as a specialized segment of the healthcare sector has indeed come a long way since its humble origin in the sixties of the last century. At the outset, when the MT segment was still in its infancy, handwritten and manually or electronically typed reports of patients’ medical records used to be maintained by hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, diagnostic services, and other healthcare service providers.


How the Medical Transcription Segment Has Evolved Since its Inception

With passage of time, the physical files and dossiers gave way to voice files that were dictated over telephone. With advancements in the realm of information technology and the advent of Internet, these voice files began to be uploaded digitally over the net. Although many medical facilities are still holding on to the conventional technique of maintaining patients’ medical reports, the urgency of shifting to the digital format was being acutely felt by most healthcare establishments because of burgeoning patient traffic.


Why Divine Mercy Transcription is a Cut above the Rest

Currently, the system of maintaining electronic/digital records of patients’ reports has become widespread as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all other healthcare experts employed with medical establishments or working independently are exploiting the medical transcription services. Divine Mercy Transcription is a MT company with a worldwide renown, has been rendering high quality and cost effective services relating to medical transcription since 2003.


Divine Mercy Transcription is one of the select medical transcription companies that have been persistently working out transcription solutions at cost efficient rates to across the board medical fraternities in US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. MT services of Divine Mercy Transcription are increasingly being sought by cardiologists, anesthesiologists, sinologists, pathologists, psychiatrists, immunologists, neurologists, urologists, radiologists, and a string of other healthcare specialists in these countries.


Divine Mercy Transcription has perfected the methodology involved in the entire medical transcription process including timely submission of transcripts (strictly in accordance to clients’ need and preferences), storing and archiving of the same for retrieval according to need. Divine Mercy Transcription is one of the frontline medical transcription companies which has in place a comprehensive training and apprenticeship program that equips all promising medical transcriptionists with thorough information on medical terminologies.


Why Divine Mercy Transcription?
All MTs working for this firm have above board grammar, spelling, and communication skills and are quite efficient in using computers and other office equipment. Their versatile skills help them to churn out transcribed medical reports that are unblemished as all transcripts are subjected to repetitive edits and quality checks for weeding out inconsistencies.


Divine Mercy Transcription is also very steadfast and particular about deliverance of projects within deadlines specified by its clients. The company is fully trusted by its clients as it pledges to protect classified data relating to patients’ medical histories and other sensitive information by its use of 128-bit SSL encryptions on it servers.


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