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Medical Transcription Services Offered by Divine Mercy Transcription

The medical services sector comprising hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare centres, dispensaries, pharmaceutical companies and other related establishments along with the concomitant healthcare professionals, has evolved almost radically in the last 50 years. Of all the segments categorized under the realm of medical sciences, the sector or section dealing with diagnosing diseases and prescribing treatment procedures have witnessed a tremendous progress, technologically speaking.


Most medical establishments and institutions both in the public and public sector nowadays maintain e-files or formats of patients’ medical histories. When a patient visits a physician for a check-up or a surgeon performs an operation, the medical data pertaining to the patient’s medical background is dictated by the specific medical professional that is stored in audio files. A medical transcriptionist or an MT transcribes the same data in an easy-to-read text format that is subsequently used as a referential by the doctor when the patient revisits him.

Divine Mercy Transcription – A globally renowned medical transcription company

Medical transcription is a growing and evolving discipline where a number of highly trained and specialized professionals like the MT, Quality Analyst, and Floor Coordinators get together to prepare transcripts or ‘medical records’ by processing the audio files. Divine Mercy Transcription popularly known as Divine Mercy Transcription has been at the vanguard in providing Medical transcription services to a broad spectrum of medical services entities and industry specific healthcare professionals in Canada, US, UK, India, New Zealand, and Australia.


Divine Mercy Transcription with its headquarters in India has been at the forefront for many years now, with deployment of the most progressive medical transcription services in the fastest possible time. Divine Mercy Transcription is fully aware and conversant with the indispensability of preparing and delivering flawless medical transcripts according to clients’ specifications. Divine Mercy Transcription does not spare any effort in grooming budding MTs so that they’re able to type documents and carryout formatting functions in accordance with a pre-established module.


Divine Mercy Transcription enjoys a competitive edge in the arena of medical transcription

All the professionals employed with the firm’s offices in the metropolitan cities of the countries mentioned above are masters in their respective domains. They not only transcribe the dictated audio file into easily legible formats but also ensure through repeated edits that the written out documents are free from grammatical errors, contain correctly transcribed medical terminologies. Divine Mercy Transcription is one of the foremost medical transcription companies on a global basis that makes sure that all medical records or transcripts are in conformity with the medico-legal specifications, and the procedures and processes of the medical or clinical laws of the respective country. All MTs, QAs, floor managers and coordinators employed by Divine Mercy Transcription have been meticulously trained in ‘accent and voice recognition technology’ that enables them to translate audio folders into highly readable documents in a very short time.  Divine Mercy Transcription provides full-scale MT services in all medical disciplines


Divine Mercy Transcription has indeed come of age in providing medical transcription services in compliance with the current HIPAA standards in Canada, USA, UK, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Medical Transcription Services