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DivineMT offers advanced medical transcription services at unbeatable rates 
Divine Mercy Transcription has come up fast as a quality service provider in the field of medical transcription headquartered in Canada that has a highly developed and state-of-the-art medical infrastructure. DivineMT has been rendering stellar medical transcription services to all verticals related with the medical setup including but not limited to hospitals, super-specialty clinics, and self-established doctors in the key Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ontario and Ottawa. Apart from MT services it also proffers a range of medico-legal transcription, legal transcription and data transcription services to corporate and publishing houses, writers, professors, research and law firms, and universities.

Medical Transcription Companies and Services

Medical transcription has become a strategic functionality in almost all segments of the medical fraternity. MT services are highly demanded in all branches of the medical sciences be it orthopaedics, psychiatry, endocrinology or neurology. Doctors, surgeons, and all other medical professionals make good use of medical transcription services when it comes to diagnosing diseases and prescribing treatment procedures along with medications. DivineMT obtains recorded audio files that contain medical histories of patients that are translated into texts by medical transcriptionists with fast turnarounds. The same is sent back to the clients that are securely stored for further or future referential needs.
DivineMT has the setup including skilled and highly trained manpower, and cutting-edge technology to deliver high level and all round quality solutions to all prospective customers. Of all the medical transcription companies in Canada, DivineMT is one organisation that has established itself as a force to reckon with because it has successfully delivered transcribed documents with fast turnarounds in the segments of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary, GI & GU, Neurology & Neurosurgery, OB-GYN, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Paediatrics, Surgical, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Organisms & Infectious Disease, Otolaryngology, Internal Medicine, etc.

Medical Transcription in Canada

DivineMT has carved a niche market for itself in Canada in a very short time because of its timely delivery of comprehensive medical transcription facilities with an orientation that is grounded in superlative quality. DivineMT has scripted an unassailable success saga by offering transcription services related to medics’ dictations, patients’ medical histories, insurance records, billings and invoices, and word documents. Divine conforms to HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) standards in the provision of its services to several medical groups, and multi-specialty physicians’ teams and all stakeholders in the healthcare sector in almost all Canadian cities.

Dicta Typing Services

Dicta typing services constitute an indispensable vertical of many business procedures and methods. It is a mechanism that allows for conversion of audio files into text. DivineMT blends the professional expertise of transcriptionists with the most progressive technology to create a unique and customised package that gels with the specific needs of a client. All seminars and business meets, conferences, symposiums, and TV shows are comprehensively captured in an audio-visual format. DivineMT extends a range of corporate and business transcription services including but not limited to:- Coverage of seminars, boardroom meetings, conventions, Teleconferencing, AGMs, Employee survey and Group meetings

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