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Divine Mercy Transcription is a professionally managed medical transcription company New Zealand that offers high quality and error free transcription at an affordable price. The company is an association of specialists and professionals who relentlessly strive to attain excellence in providing the customers a hassle free transcription experience. We offer legal and medicolegal transcription services for various hospitals, medical and legal practitioners and other health services.


Our main aim is to take away the hectic routine administrative work out of the health care services, thereby allowing doctors and physicians to chiefly focus on patient care. Accuracy is vital to complete the job and our transcriptionists understand the medical terminology, physiology, diagnostic procedures, anatomy and the treatment process better. All our medical transcription services New Zealand complies with the specific industry standards in addition to the legal requirements that is involved to maintain the records of the patients confidential. In order to streamline our Dictation Typists & Transcription Service, we have incorporated the latest technology that has enabled us to deliver error free work.


Your Key to Medical Transcription Needs
Divine Mercy Transcription is a company of good repute; it has excellent infrastructure and knowledgeable manpower to deliver quality work and to consistently meet the turnaround time. We offer our customers the convenience of dictating medical transcription to our typists either from their home or from their offices. These dictations or voice files are then transferred to the transcriptionists who meticulously work on them. Our proof readers and editors have a final look at the documents for quality assurance and these encrypted files are securely delivered to the clients.


The company is a one stop solution provider of all your medical transcription needs and we focus on providing exceptional customer service to our clients and an interesting and rewarding environment for all our transcriptionists and associates.

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