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Divine Mercy Transcription has emerged as one of the most reputed and plausible online medical transcription service providers. Since its establishment in March 2003, the company has been known to provide authentic, affordable, secure and timely transcriptions of voice files, sent in an acceptable form, preferably digital. Analogue voice files are also accepted. The superior quality medical typing services rendered by its dedicated and diligent team of transcriptionists have contributed to the accelerated success story of the company. Thereby, launching itselfcloser to the leading medical transcription companies of the world.


With the computers and the digital electronics conquering the various fields and professions all over the world, the manner of providing medical transcription services has also evolved. Gone are the days when hand scribbled and abbreviated reports were directed to the patients. Now, to accelerate the manual process, medical physicians and hospitals have switched over to electronic records. Surely, the bulky medical files were often difficult to maintain and highly inconvenient to find and retrieve at the hour of need. The bulky file cabinets have been replaced by a desktop computers backed by powerful servers. Thus, the patient can refer to any part of these typed medical reports at any time of the hour.


Further, medical typing services at Divine Mercy Transcription are a perfectly balanced admixture of highly sophisticated and dependable speech recognition software complimented with a team of highly experienced medical transcriptionists; providing an error free and superior quality report. The report complies with the necessary medico-legal concerns, procedures, policies with due abidance of laws under patient confidentiality.


Medical Secretary Services are also facilitated by the company. The medical secretaries employed at the company are embellished with rigorous training programs; they have complete understanding and knowledge of the medical terminologies and procedures, and are highly proficient in typing and correcting medical reports. Being well versed with the medical jargon, they are trained to interpret the fastest dictations, different slangs, accent, dialects or even correcting flaws that may have occurred in the previous stages of medical transcription due to human or technological errors. Thereby, validating each and every medical report, leaving very little for any error to creep in. They also ensure timely delivery of reports to the doctors, hospitals or other concerned authorities. Also, personnel with certification and expertise in Medical Secretary Services can put forth their medical knowledge and skills during billing of procedures, guiding patients in filling insurance forms , stacking and maintaining records and so on.


Owing to the rapid advancements and discoveries by Medical Researchers in India, India has fructified to be a major medical tourism hotspot. With the rapid economic boom contributing to establishment of advanced and reliable medical facilities, many tourists prefer to come to India for undergoing surgeries and other medical procedures, not only are they attracted by the advancements but also the cost effectiveness. The low cost of procedure facilitates the patient to indulge postoperative hospital care, which might not be possible with expensive treatment. Also, the insurance and other incurrent charges are low. In turn, the medical transcription in India is also blooming. Apart from serving domestically, medical transcription India also accepts medical dictations from medical clinics, hospitals and organisations all over the world and is highly acclaimed for its accuracy and speed.

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