General Transcription Services

General Transcription Services

General Transcription Services Offered by Divine Mercy Transcription
If you are looking for Fast, accurate as well as Affordable services, we are here to fulfil your transcribing needs, where our expert and specialist team is truly dedicated to provide highest quality of transcription services from audio-to-text as well as from video-to-text.

We maintain Scale of excellence and Accuracy
We are known to be a reputed and skill Audio / Video Transcription Company, so irrespective of the fact that you have number of speakers, we confirm to offer precise results on small and large jobs. We truly understand that time is money and so we have a capacity to provide mission-critical projects well before your stipulated time. When the business projects and the academic project need transcription services, you can pick our services without any hesitation and worrying about quality contents.

We have made the work to be super simple for you
Step 1: Upload Files: You just need to upload the files or documents or web links that are required to be transcribed.

Step 2: Get the completed task on your email: Yes, we will email you entire transcription upon completion of the task.

Step 3: Pay Online: Once you receive the final transcripts, you can easily make payment through PayPal or through Credit card payment.

How does it Works?
We have a team of skilled transcriptionists offering highest and great level of accuracy with quick turnaround time.  You will upload the audio / video file or send us the link to the same that you wish to transcribe. With our best transcriptionists that make sure to produce incredible quality work at high accuracy rate more than 98% each time and to also meet the designated deadlines. Moreover, our transcribers have also proven to meet rigorous quality standards, we then send the completed work as per your specific needs.

We also guarantee the on-time delivery of the project and after completion, we also send it right away to your inbox. We provide awesome services of video and audio transcription for your business, for your legal as well as your academic projects. Our transcription services are 99% better and accurate, among highest rates of precision in entire industry. This accuracy begins with hiring the highly experienced, talented and educated transcriptionists.
What we offer?
We offer reliable and accurate video and audio transcription at most affordable rates. We accept audio and video files and even transcribe the data accurately and quickly. Our team of immensely trained as well as skilled transcription professionals will take your projects accurately and quickly. Our team of quality control contains senior transcriptionists that edit and review the work of junior transcribers, thereby adding extra proofreading layer to make sure that our clients get perfectly accurate transcriptions.

The order process with easy-to-use allows the clients to rapidly place the online orders in just few minutes of time. Subsequent to creating the account, clients may also save the payment information and different preferences, speeding the future for ordering them quite further. If you have a recurring requirement, we also offer corporate accounts having monthly billing. Isn’t this what you were looking for?
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