Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services
Divine Mercy Transcription is a reputed company in the field of providing medical transcription services and offers quality oriented medical reports to various hospitals, clinics, and individual doctors.

We are one of the leading medical transcription companies that offers transcription services that are a perfect blend of technology, innovation and experience and meet the HIPAA standards. Out medical transcriptionists have the expertise in handling medical documents and are aware of the latest medical terminology. Our core competencies in this industry enable us to offer extremely cost effective solutions to our clients.

We Offer Secured Environment for Customer Satisfaction
The company lay great emphasis on the security issues of your data so that there is no misuse of the documents. We ensure privacy of patient’s records and so utilize 128 bit HIPAA compliant encrypted file transfer methods or through Toll-Free dial-in system. Our experienced transcriptionists are aware of the latest technologies and any patient detail is accessed by them only by providing an encrypted password.

Our Rate/Turnaround Time
Our rate for medical transcription starts at, as low as, US$ 0.05 per line. We also edit the reports transcribed by VRS (voice recognition software).  We provide a turnaround time of 12-24 hours as per the requirements.

Free Trial
To showcase our services we offer you no cost, no obligation free trial for one week or 100 lines (65 characters including spaces), whichever comes first. During this trial period you can assess the accuracy of our transcription, see the delivery of all the files, and overall functioning of the system.

We are a one stop destination for all your medical transcription needs. We are proud to say that all our terms and conditions are transparent to our customers so that they can have complete faith on us and be satisfied with the quality of work that we deliver.
The medical services sector comprising hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare centres, dispensaries, pharmaceutical companies and other related establishments along with the concomitant healthcare professionals, has evolved almost radically in the last 50 years. Of all the segments categorized under the realm of medical sciences, the sector or section dealing with diagnosing diseases and prescribing treatment procedures have witnessed a tremendous progress, technologically speaking. 

Most medical establishments and institutions both in the public and public sector nowadays maintain e-files or formats of patients’ medical histories. When a patient visits a physician for a check-up or a surgeon performs an operation, the medical report pertaining to the patient’s medical background is dictated by the specific medical professional that is stored in audio files. A medical transcriptionist or an MT transcribes the same data in an easy-to-read text format.
Medical Transcription Services Offered by Divine Mercy Transcription
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