Medicolegal Transcription Services

Medicolegal Transcription Services
Divine offers an extensive array of medicolegal transcription services by top medical and legal experts starting with everything from transcription, editing and assisting with the report formatting and tech support as well as searchable wiki about the instructional materials.

To get additional information about our services offered to medical experts and also to know about the list of doctors in case you are looking for an IME report, you can check our IME section on our website.

The ultimate benefits to experts, who have just began to perform the IMEs and those who are looking to grow the most thriving practice is about coaching and expertise offered by our professionals.  Being a reporter of working court, who recorded evidence of the crowd of medical experts as well as who have seen several IME reports and medicolegal reports, divine ensure expert's opinion which is not disrupted by any kind of formatting issues.

The Medico-legal report basically refers to the opinion of an expert on claims and also it meet with various ethical obligations.  Such report is known as the part of official proceedings and this report stand to validation quite strongly to an anticipated purpose.  In the practice of medical services this is considered as sensitive area since it deals with various issues such as medical malpractice and consent from patient for operation and patient information.  The IME report which is also known as Independent medical exam report should be precise as well as defined; it is the meticulous job, looking for credibility and accuracy to offered information.
As the consultant, a specific and certain way for maintaining required quality is mainly through the medicolegal transcription services.  Divine offers you with incredible quality of medicolegal transcription Service.

Our expert team of editors and transcribers are ready to confirm that experts require just supply of medical knowledge and then you can leave everything to us.
The continuous demands from the personal injury compensation industry have resulted in the expansion of insurance and legal industry which has contributed to the growth of medico-legal transcription services.

The prime focus of our transcription portfolios are medico-legal reports. We at Divine Mercy Transcription strive to achieve the highest possible quality of work in providing a trouble free, cost effective and seamless medicolegal audio typing services at every stage thus ensuring the customers’ complete satisfaction and peace of mind.
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